Easy Steps to Find Your Perfect Coffee Table
Posted on: April 1, 2020, by : admin

Coffee tables serve many purposes; starting with complete look, to storage and decoration they are much wanted in a space. The challenge is what kind of style will suit for your space. Will you choose a wood one with chunky legs, metallic with a glass top or will it be round, square or rectangular? The choices are infinite, and can be daunting at times. These 10 tips will help break down the labyrinth of decisions and lead you towards the ideal coffee table.


The price for a coffee table will range from ultra-expensive to very budget-friendly, so know what you have to spend on it before you start shopping. Your total budget will be divided into areas like lighting, accessories and furniture. Furniture line collection includes the sofa, side tables, chairs and coffee table, with a bigger portion allocated to the huge items. The good news is that if you see something you like as long as it does not comprise the quality of sofa or chairs, you can bend a little on your budget.


Think about the perfect shape for the space as you set out the layout for your living room. Do you have children or pets? Is this a big space or is it small and narrow? A coffee table, round or oval, is perfect if you have children or pets. Curved edge means less injury. Using a rectangular shape and having 30 inches between the TV console and the coffee table would give you the correct amount of room to move between the two pieces. A rounded one allows a little more room to walk by, as it bends away from the TV console.



You’ll need to decide the size you like, just as with shape. It’s important how high a coffee table is. The seat of your sofa should be no less than 1-2 inches away. A table’s normal height is 16-18 inches, and matches well with a typical sized sofa. Higher sofa needs a taller table, which is 20-21 inches in height.

Often, if you entertain a lot, the taller table would be more convenient, because it will be easier for visitors to set down a glass or plate.



Another essential aspect is to understand what will be the primary use. Would it be more decorative, or will it have storage? How much storage will suffice? Tables with shelves or drawers to hold everything from children’s toys to the magazine cache you’re going to read one day. Choose a piece which will comfortably hold drinks and snack dishes. When decoration is more desired, you can concentrate on one with lines and texture in material you prefer.


Coffee tables can come in a wide variety of materials too. Industrial ones are made of metal. Materials like glass paired with brass or steel offer a more elegant look. Whether it’s oak, maple, cherry or walnut, wood has its own sense to it. Oak and maple are more casual with walnut and cherry allowing a more precise look. Try using Lucite, it can make your table appear to be float in the room and it displays a more modern charm.



Formal, casual, modern or vintage; these are designs to take into consideration when buying your coffee table. Pick a velvety metal table with a glass top if you want a modish look. A rustic oak table would be ideal if country casual is more of your style. For a romantic look, choose a round table with wood turned legs. There are plenty of styles to choose from, just use the room decor scheme as your reference.


Scale is important. Every item in your room should be in a correct weight. For example, a big bulky overstuffed comfortable sofa paired with a dainty coffee table is not the right weight. Pair an overstuffed sofa with a huge table instead. Two pieces being similar in weight and size would be more in proportion. Pairing the dainty coffee table with a smaller more delicate settee is ideal. Scale is about the size and visual weight of comparable items in a room.

Possible Choices

Occasionally creative thinking helps you find the ideal coffee table that might not be a table at all. Old steamer trunks, ottomans and cedar chests are wonderful alternatives to the ordinary coffee table.

For example, Ottomans can be made of leather or beautiful fabrics that bring to the room a little more visual appeal and texture. They can also act as a spot to put your feet up without having to think about the tabletop. They’re going to fit great in any high-traffic family room that use a lot. If you are fortunate you may have inherited an old streamer trunk to use in your family room to build an interesting conversation piece.

Small Groups

Whose thinking you only need to use one table? Try on a tables set. Install two sets of similar nesting tables next to each other for a pleasing look and pull each table out to extend the surface area while astonishing the table tops too. If your room is small and you haven’t found a table that you want, put two tables next to each other and make a larger table. Another alternative is to collect and use a few garden stools as a solution for a sofa table. They come in a range of colors and patterns which is great for blazing sunny living room.


Now you’ve settled on a budget, it’s time to shop to evaluate your design, functionality, size and material of coffee table. That’s the best thing about furnishing, right? You can visit the high-end department stores and cruise the street markets. Don’t forget to bring the room dimensions, the space available in front of the sofa, the sofa height and photos of other furnishings with you. Those are going to help you pick something to scale, match in style and ideal for your room.